I was raised in the kitchen under my mother’s wing, and my passion for cooking and eating delicious things took flight at an early age.

Having grown up in San Francisco – a city not missing out on an ethnic food scene – my mom and I would return to our kitchen after eating out and unravel the mysteries on the restaurant menus. We would cook what felt like exotic ethnic cuisine, as well as treasured family recipes together. Through cooking, eating, and traveling, she taught me what it truly meant to be a global citizen.

I now have the pleasure of sharing the world through food with Caleb (8) and Sadie (4), not to mention the kitchen wisdom and wonderful recipes that my mother passed along to me. I take the same “If you’re curious about it, we’ll cook it!” approach and always aim to have fun in the process.

I take such delight in cooking with Caleb and Sadie. Please join us as we discuss the origins of food, go on ethnic food adventures, cook traditional family recipes, and explore new recipes together.

This blog is an extension of our family table, as well as my attempt to make our world a little smaller, friendlier, and certainly more delicious!


Anya, Caleb, & Sadie

17 thoughts on “About

  1. what a wonderful experience to share with your children-how exciting for you, caleb, sadie, and mateo, as well as all of us. thank you!

  2. A wonderful and heartfelt intro to what I know will be an adventure of a life-time as you raise your children in the kitchen under your mother’s loving gaze…I look forward to being tantalized with not only your words but what they will create in my own kitchen as we raise our families together…one ingredient at a time.

    Thinking of you and the kids and a big hug to all.

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