Fifteen Years

Days may be cloudy or sunny
We’re in or we’re out of the money
But I’m with you always
I’m with you rain or shine

– Billie Holiday, Come Rain or Come Shine (our wedding song)

I often tell Mateo, “When it comes to our love, it feels like I keep winning the lottery over and over!”

We met one evening at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. We each had come to watch the sunset. That canopy of spectacular colors was one of the most majestic sunsets I have ever witnessed and it more than set the stage for a beautiful life together.

For us, getting married and imagining a long life together took a considerable leap-of-faith. For several years, we had to take our relationship one day at a time, when my health and long-term outlook were questionable. These days, the future has stretched out before us and we are blessed with a wealth of riches…Caleb and Sadie being at the top of the heap.

Our 15th wedding anniversary was on Friday, May 4. We spent this past weekend celebrating in the wine country, enjoying several romantic meals (no credit going to the French Laundry, whose wait-list we never came off of!), a gourmet picnic lunch at a winery, and much hand-holding and reflective conversation.

This post is dedicated to that momentous and most worthwhile leap we took over fifteen years ago. To the love that brought us Caleb and Sadie. To the hope-filled future we now have rolled out before us. I am immensely grateful to be on this journey with you, Myteo. Your love has truly given me years. To the many, many more we will spend together!

And to the French Laundry…your loss!